Kusamura no Yagura -Grassy Tower-

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One Hand Operation Support Q&A

About premium features

Startup operation

About premium features

Based on the support, We provide functions that were difficult to realize because costs, and experimental functions.

[1] Memory-tap function
You can memorize the tap position for each apps, and tap easily!

Isn't the position you want to tap the same for each app?
In such a case, please use the Memory-tap.

[ YouTube ... Easy to understand ]

[2] Both hands mode
Icons can be displayed on both sides of the screen.
Currently, the size, icon, icon operation, etc. are common settings.

[3] Colored square icon
The icon is a simple colored icon.
You can change it to your favorite color and specify the gradation.

Startup operation

You need to launch it from the accessibility setting.
[ Please see youtube ]

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