Kusamura no Yagura -Grassy Tower-

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2023/02/24 Update One Hand Operation Support (Free) ver 7.40

2023/02/24 Update One Hand Operation Support (Pro) ver 7.40

2023/02/08 Update Yondene ver 1.00

2021/10/29 One Hand Operation Support (Free) download achieves 100,000

2021/09/22 Release Around-Clock ver 1.00

2020/04/18 Release Amabie-Sama (Simple function app) ver 1.00

App for Android

OneHandOperationSupport (Free)

Detail OneHandOperationSupport Free (Download from Google Play)

OneHandOperationSupport (Pro)

Detail OneHandOperationSupport Pro (Download from Google Play)

Yondene - Launch Voice assistant with favorite word

Yondene (Download from Google Play)

Around-Clock (Simple function app)

Around-Clock (Download from Google Play)

Amabie-Sama (Simple function app)

Amabie-Sama Free (Download from Google Play)


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Developer : Suiren

I'm also developing applications for Windows.

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