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Amabie-Sama (Simple function app)

ver 1.00 2020/04/18

Amabie-Sama Free (Download from Google Play)

Software description

- A long time ago, Japanese Yokai Amabie-Sama appeared from the sea and said, "If disease spreads, show a picture of me to others." -

Amabie-Sama is legendary Japanese Yokai. It's believed to protect from plague.
Let's take screenshots and show them to others, or tap Amabie-Sama and enjoy your time at home ♪

This application was created for the purpose of providing contents that can be enjoyed even in the current situation.
Unfortunately, this app is no direct effect of protection from plague, but I hope many people will enjoy it.


・Free, No ads, No internet access.


2020/04/18 ver 1.00 Release

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